Jarrett Vamp 

 This is the last song of a house concert performed at my dear friends Robert and Susan Tate's residence in Birmingham, Alabama in 2003. True fans of Keith Jarrett's piano music have heard him do a version or two of this song built on a repeating left hand vamp. I have the upmost respect for Mr. Jarrett and his music and decided to carefully transcribe this piece in 1986. I've learned to play it as he did in the Bremen/Lausanne concerts but have had a lot of fun playing the familiar melody and improvising my own solos within the piece. This is the only time I've recorded this song and I was warmed up and it flowed pretty well so I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you like it.

A little disclaimer: This recording was done on an old cassette walkman and the quality isn't great. My apologies for the scratchy noises and such.

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  • Mike
    Beautiful work!!

    Beautiful work!!

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