Recording Piano Tracks

The last six months has been really great. I've embarked on a whole new project that is exciting, and has the possibility to take me above and beyond any place I've ever been with my solo piano music, and music career altogether. I've been intensely writing new music and in a new style for me.

I'm getting ready to go back to Imaginary Road Studios to record my second day of piano tracks with Will Ackerman producing.

The first session took place three months ago. It was great to take the trip to Vermont and see Will's studio, the very live Steinway B, meet Tom Eaton the engineer, and put in a day of solo recording not to forget soon! It was a blast, and Will and Tom are great to work with.

I think I'm better prepared to get some composed ideas turned into pieces this time. It's a new and unusual process for all of us and I think we're flexing to accommodate the situation well.

This project, so far, has taken me away from updating my website and especially this blog. I have yet to develop a way to put an intense process like this into words as it unfolds, so the modest number of regular viewers here have been left out the most. For this I'm sorry, and know from my research that this is the opposite approach to reward the people most interested in what I'm doing.

I think this recording session next week will be pivotal in defining this projects shape and structure. I will be able to open up more to the process after next week also. This will get me showing up here more often to share info! Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening,


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