I had a medical procedure that prevented me from making an entry in this mblog yesterday. My apologies. As usual, I like to try to make up for absences. This piece today is twice as long (two minutes) as an…Read more


I'm not sure what got into me today. There's a lot that I could say about this piece and the style - let me try to make it short here.

My mom will probably call me this morning and tell…Read more


Here I set out to make something with a beat/groove and whimsically make my way through minor chords.

Keeping all the chords minor seems like an easy enough rule to follow, but letting my guard down once ended me up…Read more


I guess I feel pretty spry this morning! This is one of those descending things I've talked about - where it feels more natural to move down chromatically, for me.

I seem to also like having a stationary note like…Read more


I've been really taking a liking to D major.

As I've stated before, I never really learn things in every key and worked for that kind of mastery - I have a lot of respect for that discipline though. The…Read more


I wanted to do a dissonant avant garde type thing this morning. I surprised myself at how tonal it ended up.

I really like what came out. It has a shape and a recurring theme, and to me it's a…Read more


I got an idea from what happened here two days ago. It seems that melody driven improvisation is what happens the most with me. So to constantly impose challenges on myself to broaden the scope of my abilities, I decided…Read more


Crazy Funk right here, with a swing. I wanted to do this progression: D7 - F7 - G7 - Bb7.

That was basically what I did, with, more chords, over the bar line rhythms, crazy soloing. This is fun as…Read more


Nice to be back. I should be able to keep the daily cup going here for the next four and a half weeks. Here we go!

I wanted to do something in Eb minor today. This is definitely one of…Read more

Yet Another Break

Sorry to do this to the tribe checking in on a daily basis. I'll be taking a four day weekend vacation starting tomorrow. I'll be back Monday the 8th.

Again, I don't have material for the mblog to contribute during…Read more


Ah, the goddess of scales - the pentatonic. At some point this had to come up. Without bringing it up, It would be like talking about building construction and never mentioning the foundation.

Todays piece is a melody using just…Read more


I was about to ditch this and do a different one after listening to it. Then I listened again and thought it was worthy. It started to grow on me.

It's a bit of an étude. It's in G Major…Read more