Twenty Five Days Ago

Twenty five days ago is what I just saw re-reading my last blog entry. I had to revisit the last five entries to remind myself what I said. Oh, the magic of blogs, and this very rewarding aspect of them…Read more

Coming Home

I'm coming home in two ways right now. Flying to my home town to be with my family for a few days is one.

I'm so glad, and really satisfied with my decision to let myself go totally free in…Read more

New Sage

What does the title of this blog post mean? I'm trying to think up a term for the next phase of my career.I love playing with words, making word games, and completely throwing different words or phrases around, usually to…Read more

Almost Time

The almost two years of exploring is leading me somewhere. It's almost time.

Musically (really what all this pertains to), I've been looking for a place to hang my hat, and get into that world. There's been a lot of…Read more


This is Space Time.

The space between creative ideas forming.

A vacuum devoid of inspired notes, words, or images.

Not to be scared or worried. It needs to happen - to leave room for what's next.

If I think about…Read more

Every Day

Every Day? Not of late.

I was prolific with the every day minute long tunes - for a year. I've pushed out video concepts (shorts) with thoughtful piano tracks as much as I can for the last month. Now I'm…Read more

Skating in CP


I'm back after an extended holiday weekend. I was able to get some nice ice skating video from Central Park on a beautiful and active Saturday afternoon. I've been looking for the right kind of imagery for some nice…Read more

Time To Eat

Dang. I couldn't get the video of "cool cat" done today. Now it's time to shut down for a few days and eat!

I've got to get busy with domestic stuff so I can relax and (yes, again) eat.

Have…Read more

Stuff - ing Around

I'm doing "stuff" today. Stuff-ing around I'll call it as it's TG eve - eve.

Grocery shopping, go to the gym, do some cleaning, just shot video of my "cool cat" - hope to have the video for tomorrow, tune-smithing…Read more

Dusk at Sherman Square

Alrighty then! I have my action video with action sound track. This turned out even better than I thought it would.

It was a cold and windy evening and I was at the end of a video shoot that wasn't…Read more

Video Challenged

I want to write something today. I shot video, all in vain yesterday. I'm looking for something pretty active because I have a musical idea I want to do that takes me away from the light, relaxing stuff.

You'd think…Read more

Pan In

As intimated yesterday, a new video is up here again today. Pan In.

I really wanted to get in to the video making process as a springboard for my piano pieces. I also wanted to get two or three made…Read more