Winter Update

My contemporary classical/new age piano record is moving along slowly but surely.

I just deleted my last blog entry, made just days ago. I haven't done that before but I thought it appropriate in this case as I posted a new piano piece also. I've decided the piece needs work, and it now has a chance to be on the new CD so I need to protect it until I'm ready to pre-release songs at the right time. I'm really hoping to move things along but my ability to be really, really patient will pay off in the end. (Sigh).

So if you caught the piece while it was up here, good for you and I hope you liked it!

At the end of next week I'll be back from the Boston area, where I will do most of the mixing for this project with Tom Eaton, esteemed recording engineer for Will Ackerman. I'm looking forward to the work we will do, that should get us close to completing this album, yay!

Thanks for tuning in and I'll keep you posted as to the progress being made.

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